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This is not about a modern-day craftsman you would meet in Venice at the Squero San Trovaso, nor the Squero Tramontin, but rather one you will meet in the pages of the historical novel written by Laura Morelli WhenI was invited by Laura Fabiani to review this book foritalybooktours, I was happy to oblige, since I had recently read the book and had enjoyed it.

Squero San Trovaso Squero San Trovaso

Squero Tramontin Squero Tramontin


Set in 16th century Venice, we follow the travails of Luca Vianello, whose destiny had been to become the owner of the family squero in Cannaregio, where gondolas were made and repaired.

But, the death of his beloved mother, a bitter fight with his father and a tragic accident at the squero  leads to  Luca  fleeing from home, and puts him on the path to an entirely different life.

After a period of what we today might call rough living, …

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Об авторе Tiffani Leon
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