Views of the Vatican

nomadruss in words and photos

The Vatican is such a prominent part of the Roman landscape that it can be seen no matter which side of the Tiber River you stand. As I edited photos from Rome, I noticed several themes and this week it’s the Vatican and its surroundings. Hope you enjoy it, and that you all have a wonderful Christmas and Chanukkah!

A neighborhood behind the Vatican, seen from a local bus station

The Vatican from the Fiume Tevere (Tiber River), late afternoon

Women talk at a crosswalk near the Vatican

A man watches the activity in Vatican Square

A man prays beneath the large columns of Vatican Square

The Vatican as seen from a neighborhood park

The road to the Vatican

The Tiber River and the Vatican in the pre-dawn hour

The Vatican Museum Film in 3D

Visiting priests and nuns explore the Vatican

Rome from the Vatican on a hazy morning

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